When the Spurs have the ball: What they need to keep doing to keep their playoff hopes alive

What they should be doing to prevent the Spurs from losing their first playoff series since 1999.1.Stay disciplined with their gameplan.The Spurs have to get off to a fast start this series and get into a rhythm with their defensive effort.The Spurs have been on the right side of the ledger the past few years…

Published by admin inSeptember 1, 2021

What they should be doing to prevent the Spurs from losing their first playoff series since 1999.1.

Stay disciplined with their gameplan.

The Spurs have to get off to a fast start this series and get into a rhythm with their defensive effort.

The Spurs have been on the right side of the ledger the past few years and they will have to avoid letting opponents get away with a lot of turnovers and bad passes.

If the Spurs continue to make the mistake of allowing the ball to drift around the perimeter, they will find themselves behind by a goal or two in this series.

They need to stay on the defensive end of the floor and prevent teams from getting to the rim or getting open looks on the break.

The last thing they need is for their offensive game to get bogged down and they lose their offensive momentum early.2.

Keep up the good work.

The most important thing the Spurs need to do to keep themselves in the series is to play good defense.

In their past two games, they have held opponents to a combined 34.7 points per game and have forced them to make 11 of 21 shots from the field.

The way that the Spurs play, they can do a lot with those opportunities.

The problem is, they haven’t been able to keep up.

If they are to make this series, they need their team to be able to score and defend well and not allow the opposing team to score or shoot a lot.3.

Stop the ball.

The best way to start a series is with a turnover or two and to start to put a team on their heels.

That will give the Spurs some time to set up their offense and get back into the game.

If San Antonio has the ball for a few minutes, they should find themselves in good position to score.4.

Play smart.

The biggest reason the Spurs didn’t do much offensively in their previous two games was because they were outscored by 6 points in the paint.

The only way to stop that is to force the offense to stop and play smart.

This is what they have to do if they want to win this series on the road.5.

Be more patient.

The last time the Spurs lost a playoff series was on February 6, 2012 when the Blazers beat the Spurs in five games.

San Antonio hasn’t won a series at home since.

If that series was played on Sunday night, they would have won it.6.

Play smarter defensively.

The way that teams play is going to dictate how they play defense, and the Spurs can’t afford to let the opposing teams take advantage of the opportunities to score, especially with so many turnovers.

The first step that San Antonio needs to take is to stop getting open.

They will need to play smart defensively and make a concerted effort to defend well, and they need some luck to help them get out of that trap.7.

Get to the free throw line.

This series has to be about the Spurs making plays and not letting their opponent make them.

If there is a game-tying shot or the ball slips out of bounds, the Spurs will need the offense and the defense to work to stop the ball from going in the basket.8.

Don’t lose focus.

San Antonio is playing their best basketball of the season and it has to get back to winning.

If this series is close, the best thing the team can do is not lose focus and not lose their focus.

If it is a tie, the team should not allow themselves to get distracted by the past.

If both teams have the same number of points, the series will be decided by who plays the ball more efficiently.9.

Don, don’t lose momentum.

The only way this series could go in the Spurs favor is if the team starts playing more efficiently and is able to finish games.

They have to be aggressive in their game, and if the Spurs lose, the game will be in jeopardy.10.

Stop shooting the ball out of the post.

The more times that teams try to get to the 3-point line, the more the Spurs get out-rebounded and out-shot by the other team.

If you want to make a play on the other end of a fast break, you have to put the ball where the defenders can’t catch it.11.

Get some stops.

San Anthony is one of the best offensive teams in the league, and its been a struggle to stop them from scoring at the rim.

If a team can limit their opponent to just 35.3 points per contest in the post, San Antonio will be able start to break out of their defensive funk.12.

Keep the offense moving.

The second biggest issue for San Antonio this series will come down to the ability of the offense.

If all the Spurs do is put the defense on their back and keep it on the offensive end, they are going to have problems stopping the Spurs.

If everyone does a little bit of everything well, San Anthony will

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