Ad Exchange is launching its free online ad platform, a deal worth $2m

Ad Exchange’s Ad Exchange platform will allow marketers to sell ads on free, ad-free websites for up to 30 days.The company is planning to roll out the service next week in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.It’s a partnership with the AdWords Ad Exchange (ADX) program.The ADX program lets companies offer their own ad-sales service…

Published by admin inSeptember 18, 2021
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Ad Exchange’s Ad Exchange platform will allow marketers to sell ads on free, ad-free websites for up to 30 days.

The company is planning to roll out the service next week in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

It’s a partnership with the AdWords Ad Exchange (ADX) program.

The ADX program lets companies offer their own ad-sales service for free, but pay for the advertising to be displayed on the site.

In its announcement, Ad Exchange said that Ad Exchange was founded in 2013 by three of the biggest ad tech companies in the world: Google, Facebook and Twitter. 

“We’ve seen the growth of the internet and ad space, and we believe it is our mission to bring more value to marketers,” Ad Exchange CEO John Birtles said.

“Our mission is to provide the tools and expertise that help them drive traffic to their website and grow their business.”

The platform will be available in the following countries:Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

The US and Canada will see the most significant changes to their advertising services, including removing the option for companies to make money from ads. 

The UK and New Zealand will not see any changes to the way advertising is sold. 

In the US and UK, companies can sell ads by making a payment or making a credit card payment for a 30-day subscription.

In Australia, the system will only work for free. 

It’s the first time that the Ad Exchange has launched an ad platform. 

Ad Exchange says that in Australia, advertisers are using the AdExchange platform to make a range of advertising deals. 

To make their ads work, companies will have to sign up for an Ad Exchange account and pay a monthly fee of $30. 

If a user does not pay the monthly fee, AdExfield will not be able to make advertising deals with the advertiser. 

On top of that, advertisers must be signed up for a monthly ad monitoring program, which can be used to monitor how their ads are being used. 

This program will be updated over time to allow advertisers to monitor usage on AdExpress as well as other websites. 

As part of this, the platform will also allow companies to create their own paid-for ads.

For those who are willing to pay a fee, the AdEX platform will offer a range for the ad space they sell. 

A list of options is as follows: 1. 

10,000 ad slots on, where the user can sell an unlimited number of ads.


30,000 ad slots.


50,000 ads sold by the Adex team.


20,000 per ad slot. 


500 ad slots sold by an AdEx team. 


200 ad slots per ad spot. 


150 ad slots for a single ad. 8. 

300 ad slots or 200 ad slots in a row. 


40,000 or 80,000 or AdEx platform slots. 

 The price for the AdX ad space is based on the number of slots and the amount of ad space sold.

AdEx has already had a significant boost in its growth in the last few months as it has been able to attract more advertisers, with its free tier offering $3,500 for a one-month subscription. 

Its ad platform will continue to offer a mix of ad spots, free and paid. 

Google’s AdEx program has been around since 2012.

In that time, Google has expanded into ad space from a number of different platforms. 

While it offers a wide range of free advertising, the program is aimed at businesses and brands. 

One of the key features of Google’s AdWords program is that it allows companies to sell advertising on Google’s search engine and other platforms such as Facebook. 

But Google has struggled to keep up with demand for its free ad platform as the ad tech market has become more saturated. 

However, Google is keen to expand the program, as its platform has proven to be a successful advertising solution for the search giant. 

With its AdEx account, AdSense, and its Ad Exchange ad platform for the UK, Adex will continue offering ad space to businesses, but the Ad Ex platform will still be available to advertisers who are looking to grow their ad sales. 

Other platforms such the AdSense ad platform and the AdExpress platform are both available to businesses and advertisers. 

According to the company, the launch of AdEx is an investment in the ad ecosystem. 

Marketing will continue with AdEx, and AdEx will continue being the first and only platform for advertisers to sell ad space on. 

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